Austin's women-led non-profit empowers girls who are multisport athletes and A honor roll students
Be Different. Be FIERCE.

Our Model

The FIERCE Way is built on the belief that any Fearless, Intelligent, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Coachable and Empowered young woman will find success both on and beyond the pitch regardless of race, religion, social status, or upbringing if provided a player-first community that challenges the status quo.

Our Activities





We provide USSF licensed staff, equipment, curriculum, and a Frontier Conference path to develop technically proficient players who value attacking, purposeful possession, total football.




Summer and winter futsal are offered at no additional cost as part of our year round programming

We provide the facilities, internal leagues, and unique competition formats to expedite skill growth and enhance player engagement with multi-surface training.




Austin Sports Medicine staff works with 06, 07 and 08 girls on injury prevention drills

We teach strength, agility, injury prevention, and fueling best practices to instill lifelong healthy habits. Basketball and volleyball are used for mental and physical recovery.




Our middle school girls discuss their Duktig Brand journal / Huld prompts prior to training

We provide confidence-building literature, soccer-specific player journals, video analysis software, and book groups to foster psycho-social development and well being.




USSF "C" License holder and ODP staff Coach Kamille interacts with our 06 girls as director

We provide resources and support to help players make, what we believe to be not be a 4 year choice, but rather a 40 year decision regarding their post-secondary life path.

Our Approach

Our Design

The largest clubs in Austin have <28% national average for women's coaches. We have a staff >80%.


The Aspen Institute reports that only 27% of youth coaches are female. We model gender equality with one of the nation's only predominantly female staffs, compared to <10% in the largest Central Texas clubs. Our coaches are industry and community leaders who model life and career readiness in professions outside of soccer. They earn advanced national licenses via ground-breaking, women's-only USSF courses hosted by FIERCE. EY research indicates 94% of women in the C-Suite played youth sports, so maintaining >90% retention and connecting girls to relatable leaders is critical.



Noting that 70% of children quit sports by the age of 13 according to the National Alliance of Youth Sports, we provide highly individualized training environments that emphasize long term player development and retention over short term results. We develop age groups instead of teams, providing highly diverse playing opportunities, as recommended by Changing the Game Project and the youth experiences of countless professional players. Youth female athletes are also less than half as likely to get pregnant according to a report by the Women's Sports Foundation.

Winter and summer indoor soccer and futsal sessions / camps are included at no additional cost


An extensive study at the University of Louvain, commissioned by Belgium football leadership prior to their soccer "Golden Age", identified a lack of emphasis on development and confirmed that 2v2 and 5v5 small-sided games were essential for skill growth. Similarly, research at the University of Sao Paola indicates that futsal yields as much as a 600% increase in touch volume for players. This is why summer and winter futsal seasons are integral to our philosophy. Likewise, 2v2 activities and rondos appear in almost every technical session for every age group.

Most our girls competes in at least 1 additional sport. We highly encourage multisport athletes.


We encourage our girls to compete in multiple sports and pursue passions off the pitch, citing National Athletic Trainers' Association research showing increased injury and burnout from specialization. National Association of Sports Commissions research says families spend $8.7B annually on travel on top of $5B in fees. USYS boasts >100K players and countless national events in TX alone, making 4,500 miles of travel for ECNL teams in the region seem excessive. We empower players with recruiting software and ID events, and are coordinating elite friendlies that are coupled with university tours.

Our 08 girls second team huddles prior to a WDDOA league match in Austin


More than half of US soccer participants have a household income under $75K per year, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. USA Today reports that dues exceed $3,500 annually in most organizations, which then collect additional fees for offseason programming. Because too many girls are denied opportunities or left socially isolated for large portions of the year, we provide every player a $3,250 subsidy, 3-5 sessions weekly for a full 12 months, a uniform kit, and free access to advanced training and communication platforms to foster a sense of community and belonging year round.


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