Winter and summer indoor futsal leagues help our girls players develop technical skills more rapidly
Girls Indoor Winter & Summer

Austin Futsal Leagues

Summer and winter futsal seasons are open to players across Central Texas, who can register solo and be added to a roster, or rally teammates to form a full 5v5 futsal team. Futsal programs are included at no cost for all club members as part of our year-round girls soccer curriculum.

FIERCE Futsal League (FFL) & Futsal Tournaments

Additional Information

Players and teams from across Central Texas are invited to join us for 5 weekends of futsal. Registration is open to individual players seeking like-minded teammates, or entire teams wishing to compete and grow together.

Our free-play format allows players to experiment within one of the fastest growing formats on the planet. We remove formal coaching, the need for referees, and prevent parental input during matches so as to remove anything stifling player development in today's environment.  

Every match session is broken into 60-90 minute, age- and proficiency-based sessions to meet individual development needs. Players can either join other highly technical peers on the day of, or request to compete with teammates or friends. Everyone competes in a 5v5 format on either a hardwood or turf surface with official futsal balls and goals. There are no standings or scores for league play to prioritize a culture of long term results and total player development above all else.

We are also seeking partners interested in traveling from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or surrounding areas to conduct more formal 5v5 futsal friendlies and attend our futsal tournaments. Email if you'd like to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Please Note: The FIERCE Futsal League is FREE for all club members in good standing. Similarly, 100% of fees collected from non-members will be applied to enrollment should players decide to join the FIERCE Family prior to a given season. Our goal is to lower barriers and increase access to the beautiful game to promote gender equality.

Registration Open

Space is limited. Register a single player or an entire team in a few clicks.