Austin's Premier Girls Soccer & Futsal Program

We proudly serve...

young women seeking...

young women seeking...

  • Fearless
  • Intelligent
  • Enthusiastic 
  • Respectful
  • Coachable
  • Empowered

young women seeking...

young women seeking...

young women seeking...

  • Professional
  • Player-Centered
  • Year-Round
  • Multi-Platform
  • Possession-Based
  • Affordable FAMILY!

young women seeking... FAMILY!

For more information, please contact Nick Marquez (512) 239-8378.


We help parents raise well-rounded, FIERCE young women and men who are also great soccer players. We build leaders ready to thrive both ON and BEYOND the pitch.

  • 74% of our players are on the A or A/B Honor Roll
  • 61%  play a second sport or participate in martial arts
  • 80% play an instrument, sing or participate in fine arts
  • 47% are involved in church or religious activities
  • 33% are involved with STEM-related activities.

USA Today noted that most clubs charge between $2,500 to $5,000 per year. We provide every FIERCE player a $3,250 training subsidy with our community-empowered model.

"We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so FIERCE they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free." - Kavita Ramdas